Why Using Credit Card for Flight Promo?

Ticket promo seems everywhere, but not accessible. It is limited only for credit car owners. So browsing around ticket promo while you do not have credit card will be useless. Have you ever wondered why ticket agents always require credit cards for ticket promo payment?

Gaery Undarsa from Tiket.com will answer your question. He knows that non-credit card owners will be disappointed, but credit cards are seen to give more benefits.

First, debit card does not provide enough Success Rate compared with credit cards. Success rate is the amount of transaction from the credit card owners. For instance, there are approximately 15 millions of credit cards in Indonesia and usually each person has two credit cards. It means that there are only 7.5 people having credit cards. But it is okay. People will conduct transaction by using credit cards more often.

Why Using Credit Card for Flight Promo

Online transaction by using credit cards is considered simpler than by using debit cards. The users only need to fill the data on the website and then they can get the ticket at the same time. On the other hand, debit card transaction is less practical. It will take longer time. After booking, the users will have to go to the ATM and transfer the money. After the transaction, they must confirm their payment on the site where they book the tickets. It is not simple especially for busy people. Besides, you will get bonus as you have achieved certain amount of transaction, such as free hotel fare or more payment deduction.

In addition, ticket agencies usually make an agreement with Credit Card Corporation. The more people make transaction with credit cards; the ticket agency will likely receive commission from the bank they are affiliated with.
For the banks, they of course will receive more benefits from credit fees committed to the customers. That is why credit card transaction is simpler.