Want to Travel? Here Are the Most-visited International Destinations

Holiday is in the air. As this year is about to come to and end, most people have prepared yearly vacation. If you are one of those “most people,” there must be various plans in your head, right? For Indonesian travellers, going abroad is not a huge problem these days.

There are plenty chances to travel around the world and enjoy various attractions out there. It is better to join travelling package for more economical journey. Apart from that, deciding where to go may take some time. So here are some recommendations of international destinations for Indonesian travellers.


It is a mainstream destination for contemporary Indonesian travellers. Often, Jakarta-Singapore journey is more feasible than Jakarta-Bali. Even though Singapore is geographically rather similar to Indonesia, but the feeling of “going abroad” is a prestige. Singapore is a perfect place to spend your new year’s eve. You can go to Universal Studio or Sentosa Island to enjoy the vacation.



The country offers homey atmosphere for Indonesian travellers. Indonesians love Thailand because they do not have to spend much effort to find culinary tour spots. Most Thailand foods are like Indonesians. All ranges of foods from spicy to traditional snacks can be enjoyed in Thailand. There are several foods there which are rather similar to Indonesian food.

Thailand’s attractions like palaces and beaches still become favorite. They are instagramable and great for refreshing. Besides, Thailand people are as friendly as Indonesians. There will not be much problem to learn their culture.

Hong Kong

Besides there are many Indonesian workers in Hong Kong, you can also find many Indonesian travellers there. Hong Kong is a best place to enjoy modern Asian country. You can go to Universal Studio or merely walk around its capital city. Shopping is great for shopaholics.