Types of Budget Hotels Which Meet Your Purse in Bali

Whenever you take a trip to Bali on a tight budget, you will invest in your money on budget accommodation. Accommodations with the modest costs are perfect and easy to find in Bali.

Cheap accommodations can be found in bigger towns as well in smaller secluded touristy spots, such as in Canggu or Ubud. Basically Bali provides fundamental amenities to meet up with all budget travelers’ needs.


Guesthouses in Bali provide good accommodation for all tourists. The cheapest rooms are usually dormitory rooms with bunk beds for backpackers. These rooms offer shared bathrooms and the other services. The rates are incredibly cheap! One bed is tagged USD 5 to USD 7.

Of course you can choose one private bedroom with private shower. This room is usually tagged at USD 10 to USD 15. In Bali you really get what you pay for. The more expensive the facilities, the better amenities you get.

In a guesthouse you will get higher interaction amongst guests. Most travelers who come to the guesthouses are those who fulfill their mind with the idea of getting along with other travelers and the locals while traveling.


You can choose one room with breakfast included. The rate will not be much more expensive than the only-bedroom rate. Go to Tiket.com to get hotel in Bali information. They have good hotel inventory from the cheapest to the most expensive options. You are free to choose bedroom with breakfast or not.

Budget Hotels

Budget 3-star Hotels

Budget 3-star hotels usually offer their rates at USD 20 to USD 50. They have better amenities, better facilities, and most of them come up with outdoor pools. You will hve television, bars, coffee shop, restaurant, bathtub, and many more. Their location is as well more convenient than the guesthouses. They are easy to access from any kinds of directions and are located on the street sides.

Budget Resorts and Villas

Family trip would need this. If you travel with older people who need more privacy or toddler and kids who need spacious bedroom and living room or outdoor spatio, you have to choose budget resorts or villas. This type of resort usually offer one bedroom, living room, dining room, smaller outdoor pool, smaller tropical garden, and a lot more private facilities. The rates are ranging from USD 100 to USD 300.