How to Get Hotel Promotion in Bali

A lot of travelers search for some good information about hotel promotion in Bali. They want to know how much money they can save with the promotion price. Checking the hotel prices one by one through direct visit to their official site is time consuming. Even though there are only limited numbers of hotels that win online presence, you still have to take a look at several different websites.

Therefore, a lot of senior travelers recommend using booking-engine site to get the hotel promotion in Bali. Make sure you choose local booking site. They have better relationship with all hotel managements in the island. Other than that, they have better hotel inventory. Newly opened hotels would offer their promo rooms and such site is the first place to receive the offer then to publicly announce.

hotel promotion in bali

Go is one of the most recommended sites when you search for some information about hotel promotion in Bali. This site knows Bali so well. There are 2.258 hotels found in Bali. It should be easy to find promo hotel among those big number of hotels. puts discount signs for hotels that give visitors good prices. The discount is up to 70 percent!

Promo hotel gets special stamp written “Promo Hotel.”  We don’t know how big the discount given for the hotel rooms, but it is surely so much cheaper than the normal hotel rates. The “Promo Hotel” stamp is easy to find. They place it on the first page of hotel search result.

The Cheapest Hotel

Finding hotel promotion in Bali might not be your top priority, providing that you get the cheapest hotel price. Luckily, is a well-designed booking site. They have good filter that allows you to check the hotel prices from the lowest to the most expensive rates. The cheapest hotel rooms are dormitory room types with 6 beds available. Each night the hotel tags their room as much as IDR 65.000. The cheapest hotel room you can find in Bali!