Dealing with Last Minute Hotels in Indonesia

last minute hotel indonesia
Indonesia offers numerous ways to trip. From the coastal Sabang to the Snowy Jaya Wijaya, this country has it all. Holiday in Indonesia is never boring, if you know how to deal with it. Among all those preparations, choosing hotel is a bit tricky thing to do here, especially if you want to seek the last minute hotel Indonesia.

Remember that Indonesians are fond of traveling too. So you’d better catch up and compete with the domestic tourists to get the best deal of last minute hotel. It is easy if you plan to visit some common destinations like Bali, Lombok, Jakarta, and Yogyakarta.

There are a lot of hotels and homestays to choose, even on the spot. But things will get harder when long weekend and holiday comes. It will become worst if you want to visit some less popular destination like Morotai or Wakatobi or Dieng. Here are some advices for you.

First, you had better check local blog post in Indonesia about travel destination. You can go to Indonesia travel blog or some local travelers blog like Trinity or Windy Ariestya or some other. Just google it. There are usually helpful advices and contact persons of the local owner of hotels. You may also visit Indonesian travel sites like

If you do not get the hotels you want but you really want to travel to Indonesia, then it is better that you know a bit of Bahasa. Just keep in mind that local people around the destinations sometimes tricky and over charge the hotel price.

So it is better to seek for reference about the tariff first by searching to Indonesia hotel booking site or last minute hotel Indonesia. You can get a guide from here as well. In short, there is nothing to worry about traveling and staying in Indonesia. Once you know Indonesian culture and respect it, you will not get any trouble.