Choosing a Comfortable Room in the Last Minutes

Last Minute Hotel Room
Beside of choosing the right hotel in the right time, you should also consider one more thing: the room. Hotel marketing teams usually make the best pictures of their hotels to attract tourists. However, sometimes the pictures do not reflect the actual condition at all. Then disappoinment is all what you get, and it may affect your trip.

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So folks, the first thing to do is comparing the picture, price, and feature descriptions on the brochure or ads. You should not easily believe if something feels not right. It can be that the picture shows heavenly bungallow or suite room with extra cheap price. Who will rent their luxurious rooms with such a big sale? If Mother Theressa had a hotel, she might. But it did not happen. Then, get rid that kind of room from your list.

The picture can also show a humble room, plain and boring-looking, but the description says it has jacuzzi and private balcony heading to the city view. It almost does not make sense. Nevertheless, not all the pictures are fake. That is why it is important for you to read the review through.

It sometimes happens when the customers came with complaint, hotel staff (mostly marketing) would never reply the review. But when customers wrote a nice, sparkling review about the hotel, the staff would show up in the “reply” section. It should ring alarm bell in your head. What kind of staff who never says sorry for the inconvenience at his/her hotel? They should have given modest appreciation for the critic.

Cleanliness is also an important thing for you. There is usually some rates about cleanliness. Just see how good the rate is. If the average review shows a good trend, then you can go ahead booking that room. Make sure that you will get the most comfy room in your trip. That was all about last minute hotel room. Have a nice stay!