Alternatives for Anti-Mainstream Vacation

Approaching the year end, most people must want to close their year with special vacation. No wonder that you may be tempted to spend the rest of this year in vacation. However, having vacation while millions of people are doing so may not be fun. Or at least, it will decrease your fun during vacation.

Moreover, you have to compete with zillions other travellers to get cheap ticket deals. Usually, preparing vacation when there will be many other people do the same will be a nuisance. But do not worry. You may apply these practical tips as alternative for anti-mainstream vacation.

Choose Regular Days for Vacation

Even though it means that you have to propose some days off at work, it is worth to try. If you are one of those lifetime employees in your company, it is fair enough to take your yearly leave.

Choosing regular days can prevent you from the hectic of peak season. In addition, you will be more freely enjoying the attractions. Another benefit of regular day vacation is the cheaper fare, not only transportation tickets but also accommodations and attraction tickets as well.


Strategy to Get Cheap Tickets

First, try to book on Tuesday. It is because Tuesday is somewhat busy day and not many people have time to book tickets on Tuesday. Another trick is to individually book tickets when you are planning in-group vacation. By doing this trick, your chance of getting promo fare is bigger.

One thing to remember is to book tickets months in advance, especially if your plan is fixed and you think there is nothing bothering you from having vacation. Always compare the fare between sites if you book online tickets.

Ask to Expert Friends

If you have friends who travel a lot, it is better to ask for advice from them. Getting the real advice from people who directly experience the walk can be useful. You can ask in details of what dos and don’ts if you visit certain places. You can also ask about transportation, accommodation, foods, etc.